Established as a small scaled company by our founder director Mr. Hüseyin Şenol RUSO in 1998 in Nicosia, our company put new investments every day and has been holding to add new ones. First, Saten Kuyumculuk Ltd was incorporated and then started veterinary and human medicine importations by acquiring Girobey Pharmachy Warehouse in 2000. In 2001, ICY Su was established. Finally, Medialife Advertising & Organization, a media brand, was established in 2010.  

    Today, Giro Group keeps on engaging in domestic production, importation, and jewelry and service sectors.    


    Our main vision and objective is to come first in the sectors we are engaging business by sustaining our development in a corporate and professional structure with our companies.     


    Our mission is to be a corporation that is institutional, professional, innovative, and entrepreneurial and focused on customer satisfaction; offering quality products and services; aiming to realize sustainable growth by valuing human resources and contributing the economy of the country in all sectors it is engaging business and developing in the direction of the vision, light and values of its founders.

    In addition, one of its main missions is to become a model, reputable and reliable institution for our rivals in the sector concerning social and environmental responsibility fields.""

About Us

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